Traditionally, the exhibition has become an effective platform to demonstrate innovative solutions in the field of medical technology, pharmaceuticals and laboratory equipment. This year, more than 80 companies from Belarus, Germany, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, China and Russia have become exhibitors. The largest domestic medical companies, such as Ordamed, BTL Kazakhstan, Dolce, Micro Solutions, Axel & A, Artel Engineering, Bioline-Kazakhstan, Elamed-KZ, MEDRUG participated in the exhibition. Russian collective stands of Moscow, Novosibirsk and Tomsk regions were presented by more than 20 companies. Foreign participants, whose number amounted to about 70% of the total number of participants, have opened up wide horizons of cooperation with the enterprises of Kazakhstan. During the three days of the exhibition 875 industry professionals got acquainted with the latest medical developments, visited the events of the business program, found business partners and exchanged experience.

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The exhibition began with an opening ceremony and inspection of the exhibition by Guests of Honor, including Ye.L. Tugzhanov, Deputy Prime Minister, A.V. Tsoi, Minister of Healthcare, A. Giniyat, Vice-Minister of Healthcare, Ye.S. Iskaliyev, Chairman of the Management Board of SK-Pharmacy LLP, Hassan Demirci, Director of Roche Diagnostics in Central Asia and the Caucasus, B.A. Danilenko, Heads of industry associations and Director of Iteca LLP.

In addition to a detailed acquaintance with the companies represented at the stands, the honorary guests took part in business events held during the exhibition. Special attention of the representatives of the Ministry of Healthcare, its branch structures and profile associations was paid to the “MedTech” First International Forum on Medical Technology. During his speech, Yeraly Tugzhanov, Deputy Prime Minister, outlined the key aspects of the development of the healthcare sector, and said that today the pandemic issue remains in the first place. Deputy Prime Minister of Republic of Kazakhstan noted that it is necessary not only to provide the country with vaccines, medicines, but also with its own medical equipment. Yeraly Lukpanovich emphasized that Kazakhstan is interested in the further development of healthcare infrastructure. Thus, by 2025, it is planned to build at least 20 modern hospitals, 3 cancer centers, 12 laboratories, and a center for laboratory and technical testing of medical products. Of course, all of them will be equipped. Priority will be given to domestic producers.

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Taking part in the strategic session of the Forum, the Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan, A.V. Tsoi informed that an analysis of the provided need from 2021 to 2025, as well as the issue of funding sources, is currently being carried out. In general, the approximate amount of the planned need for the purchase of medical equipment in priority areas amounted to more than 180 billion tenge. Based on the results of the analysis, it is planned to develop a Program for equipping healthcare organizations with medical equipment for 2021-2025, which will include data on the amount of investment by year and by source of funding by region. At the same time, A. Tsoi noted that, according to the order of the Head of State, the main attention will be paid to the service of obstetrics, childhood, anesthesiology and resuscitation.

The business program of the exhibition allowed to discuss the most urgent problems of medicine on several platforms. In addition to the “MedTech” international forum, on the first day of the exhibition Ordamed and DiaSys Diagnostic Systems companies held thematic presentations and seminars. Regional Conference of laboratory medicine specialists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, organized with the support of the Federation of Laboratory Medicine, revealed aspects of epidemiological safety and protection of laboratory personnel under COVID-19 conditions.

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The first day of the exhibition was a master class “Modern approach to the prevention of sudden death in anaphylaxis,” the speaker of which was R.B. Maskhutov, Director of the “Ak Zhurek” Public Foundation. 

The content of the business program of the second day of the exhibition also gathered a large number of specialists in the field of medicine and healthcare. A number of seminars were held, such as: “MRI Technologies of the future, available now”, “Opportunities of using magnetotherapy devices for home use in the complex treatment of current pathologies” from the “Elamed-KZ” company and the seminar “Remote diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy on the basis of fundus camera images” from the “EyeLab” company. With support from the World Health Association, a thematic session was held on the implementation of a mentoring program in RK laboratories. Along with this, the School of Chief Laboratory Technician of the Republic of Kazakhstan talked about regional reports on organization of testing.

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For the first time, the “GLOBAL PHARM” First International Pharmaceutical Forum was held, which was attended by more than 80 speakers. Among the speakers were Zh.K. Burkitbayev, Vice-Minister of Healthcare, M.K. Karabayev, Vice-Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, B.S. Baiserkin, Chairman of the Committee for Medical and Pharmaceutical Control of the MH RK, Ye.K. Dautbayev, General Director of “NCELS” RSE on REU of the MH RK. I.A. Durmanov, President of the “Association for the support and development of pharmaceutical activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, R.S. Sultanov, Chairman of the Management Board of Economic Research Institute JSC, Leaders of domestic commodity producers NOBEL AFP, Khimpharm JSC, Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex LLP, Abdi Ibrahim Global Pharm LLP, Kelun-Kazpharm Zhang Qiancheng LLP, Super-pharm LLP, EcoPharm LLP, Dolce LLP, KazMedProm LLP, Nur-May Pharmacy LLP, KFC MEDSERVICE PLUS LLP were able to present practical cases, share further plans for the development of the industry and exchange experiences with colleagues.The Forum was also attended by representatives of foreign distributors and manufacturers of pharmaceutical products: Pfizer in Kazakhstan, Sanofi Russia, Nova Nordisk LLP, Johnson & Johnson, KFC MEDSERVICE PLUS LLP, Amanat LLP, AK NIET LLP, STOFARM LLP, INKAR LLP. The main goal of the “GLOBAL PHARM” Forum is to attract public and private investments in the development of pharmaceutical production in the country, to increase the export potential of domestic pharmaceutical products, to build scientific and human resource capacity.

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Taking into account modern realities and logistical difficulties, the MedTech and Global Pharm Forums were held in offline format with live online broadcasting on the platform, which certainly allowed to expand the number of participants outside of Kazakhstan.

The business program of the exhibition ended with a practical seminar by BTL Kazakhstan on “The use of Cardiopoint. Holter and 24-hour blood pressure monitoring Modules”.

During the three days of effective work of the expo-platform, productive G2B meetings were held between Ye.L. Tugzhanov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and A.V. Tsoi, Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the management of domestic and foreign companies, as well as several memorandums of cooperation were signed. The professional audience from all over Kazakhstan, as well as from near and far abroad countries, were able to exchange experiences, share plans for the application of innovations and opportunities in the medical and pharmaceutical industries during the pandemic. Astana Zdorovie 2021 exhibition again became a platform for networking of representatives of healthcare, as well as demonstrated in practice the importance of such events in a “live format” for the development of the industry and the synergy of the public sector, manufacturers and end consumers of medical products.

The Astana Zdorovie exhibition is organized by Iteca, Kazakhstani exhibition company. The “Medtech” and “GLOBAL PHARM” forums were organized by QBP on platform.

The exhibition was traditionally supported by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Akimat of Nur-Sultan city, Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, SK-Pharmacy LLP, “PharmMed Industry of Kazakhstan” Association of Pharmaceutical and Medical Products Manufacturers of Kazakhstan, Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

See you at Astana Zdorovie October 26-28, 2022 in Nur-Sultan city!

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