Feedback from participants Astana Zdorovie 2022

Vadim Belousov, Hospital Information Service:

Representatives of our company often came to the Astana Zdorovie exhibition as visitors, but as exhibitors we are presented for the first time. “Hospital Information Service” is a big team, our colleagues all over the world take part in such events, but we are in Kazakhstan for the first time. We are very grateful to the organizers of the exhibition, and everything was done very well. This platform is very cooperative for us as participants, we were very pleased to be here in this region. I would like to say a special thank for the attendance of medical professionals and high-level guests, who are our target audience. There is a great interest in our materials that we have prepared for this exhibition. Moreover, we met many specialists at the site who had encountered problems with hemotransfusion in their work, and we also met public health administrators. This is a great advantage for our work. We will expand our contacts formed at this exhibition, and it will undoubtedly contribute to the fact that professionals will receive timely information from our service. Exhibitions of this kind serve as an excellent platform for exchanging opinions among specialists; the issues of concern are discussed as well. This contributes to the development of medicine, including in Kazakhstan. Thank you so much for such a great organization!

Kristina Kulba,

Our company participates in the Astana Zdorovie exhibition for the third time. The exhibition is well-organized, and everything feels very comfortable and welcoming. We met our target audience, and also our current partners came to see and just to welcome our company. Our product cycle is much longer, so we could not conclude any contracts from the beginning, but I guess we will do it in the future. I believe that these exhibitions provide an opportunity to develop new relationships and new contacts, which has a positive impact on the creation of many more technologies, connecting more companies, resulting in even more effective work in the future.

Anastasiya Yussupova, Fresenius Kabi:

Our company takes part in this exhibition for the first time, and we are pleased to be here. I enjoyed the exhibition very much, there was a global preparation, and there were a lot of exciting events. There are many exhibiting companies. I think every branch of medicine and pharmacy has been represented here. A lot of different companies with whom we discussed our further cooperation, exchanged contacts. I hope that everyone will have a fruitful cooperation. We increase our recognition by presenting our products at such exhibitions, provide additional information to our future customers, and get many new contacts, who we would like to cooperate with in the future. Therefore, I believe that exhibitions of this format are extremely useful events for us.

Kanybek Kanatbekuly, QMP Qazmedpribor:

We have been exhibiting at Astana Zdorovie for more than 10 years. This exhibition allows us to find our consumer audience. We can demonstrate our new technologies here, as well as conclude new contracts and sell our products. We met our target audience at the exhibition, and managed to conclude contracts with them for further sales. I consider that the exhibition allows to improve the technology every year and show it off to the whole country.

Altynshash Aisarina, KME Anti-Age:

I am participating at this Astana Zdorovie exhibition for the third time: for the first time in 2015, and for the second time as an official representative. Compared to last year, this exhibition provided a better consumer, a high-quality visitor. We were constantly working with representatives of private clinics, because the interest in innovations is increased, compared to what it was before COVID. The large inflow of 2020 differs from the small inflow of this year in quality. We found our potential customers. We exchanged contacts for now, and further communication will depend on making an active decision regarding the final purchase. The forward contracts have been made because the market is looking for new things, as new clinics are being opened. Many Russian colleagues were also exhibited. We look forward to successful results, thank you for the organization. We think we will take part in the future. I consider that such exhibitions have a positive effect on the development of the industry, as well as provide information and presentation of products, form new relationships, and create a contact between market players. Every time we look for better ways to implement our projects. An exhibition is such a platform where you can talk face-to-face with the consumer, in our case the patient, about the prospects for development, about the presentation of new technologies, such as ours.

Makhira Akhmedova, Neolife Medical Center:

We are taking part in Astana Zdorovie for the first time, but previously we came to the exhibition as visitors. We were impressed with the exhibition and are happy to see our patients again, who were treated by us. They came to us again for an examination, and we are glad that they had no expenses for the trip to Turkey. Our professors participated in the exhibition with us. New contracts have not yet been signed, but groundwork has been done, the “Shymkent City Oncology Center” and the “National Scientific Oncology Center” in Astana has expressed their interest in us. We negotiated with them. These exhibitions have a high impact on the development of the industry, especially for networking, it is a great opportunity to communicate with people, learn the market, mentality, culture in the professional industry of Kazakhstan, to compare and find common interests. Thanks!

Feedback from participants Astana Zdorovie 2021

Anastasia Zyukova, Marketing Manager of ADHARA LLP

I have very good impressions of the participation in the exhibition. We liked the stands very much, even on the first day people were so active, we found many interesting contacts. We are very pleased that many people know our company. Our target audience came directly to the Astana Zdorovie exhibition. Of course we didn't sign any contracts here, but we exchanged contacts by agreement, and I hope that there will be a lot of good results. This is the first time we are exhibiting in the healthcare industry. In fact, the pandemic has greatly affected all areas of human activity, our company is also subject to all existing restrictions. Everyone was very tired, did not participate in any offline events, missed the live communication. The online format is good, of course, but it's important to get a feel for people. To summarize, I would like to say that we are very satisfied with the organization of the exhibition, and all our expectations were fully met.

Baira Berman, Director of BTL Kazakhstan LLP

I would like to thank the organizing company, because we missed the live events. Against the background that we missed and experienced a certain feeling of stagnation, the impressions of participation were the most positive. Thanks to Iteca for finally going offline, and I really hope there will be more events of this kind from now on. We met our target audience, in terms of its quality all very well, only industry experts came. But the number was definitely affected by the Covid restrictions. We've noticed that there are a lot of public health clinics here, doctors come up, take an interest, and that's very encouraging. We have the kind of equipment that you don't spontaneously buy. Here's hoping that the contacts we've made here will bear fruit. We have been on the Kazakhstani market since 2008, and every year we take part in the exhibition, and we will definitely be coming in 2022!

Arsen Nasyrkhanov, Roche Company

I have only positive impressions of participation, the exhibition is very interesting. Most importantly, I liked the fact that the approach here is comprehensive, that is formed its own platform, where representatives of B2B and G2B meet. Government agencies separately hold meetings, the state is very open. In parallel, discussions are held on current topics, in which we have a great interest. The Astana Zdorovie exhibition is very lively, there are a lot of visitors, a lot of questions, we are very happy. Our target audience, as such, is patients. But the theme of the exhibition is aimed at another part. But in general, a lot of people come up, are interested, specifically distributors and business representatives. We, as a big company that is expected to do something innovative, introduced a lot of new products. We have built agreements with government agencies here, and fruitful meetings have been held. We are participating in the exhibition for the first time, but we are already planning to participate next year. We really missed such events, so we decided to participate in the exhibition. The efficiency in any case from participation will be excellent, people were able to meet face to face with their colleagues and talk about themselves.

Margarita Ishutkina, Project Manager of Innovative Business Group LLC, Novosibirsk

I have only positive and pleasant impressions from the exhibition. Kazakhstan is a long-standing partner of the Novosibirsk region, we are in the lead in terms of trade turnover between our region and the Republic of Kazakhstan. They are always nice people, nice partners who are very constructive. In my opinion, the target audience of the exhibition meets our needs. We have done everything to ensure that our target audience, our potential partners come to the exhibition. We were able to clearly present our products and discuss further cooperation. I think we will participate in the exhibitions in Almaty and Nur-Sultan next year. The pandemic, of course, has affected everyone, but there are also positive aspects. We have not traveled anywhere for a long time, during this time we have accumulated developments, what we want to offer to other markets, in particular to the market of Kazakhstan.

Yuliya Anokhina, Commercial Director of Ordamed

We have been waiting for the exhibition for a long time, because the pandemic has had a strong effect on the entire health care system. The impressions from the participation are very good, excellent exhibitors are represented. This year we presented the Kazakh production, which was established in 2021. Of course, we have met our target audience, and the chief doctors and leading specialists continue to approach us. The Minister of Healthcare and the Deputy Minister of Healthcare visited our stand yesterday. There were several pre-agreements for the purchase of medical equipment, and we also received several partnership offers from Russian manufacturers. We are taking part in the exhibition for the third time, we plan to participate further, we have already talked to the organizers and have chosen a place for next year. The pandemic influenced our decision to participate. After all, this is the impetus for medium-sized businesses that deal in medical equipment to make new connections and apply new technologies. The pandemic, despite its consequences and severity, was an impetus for us to be not only a distributor, but also a producer. We are proud of it.

Mikhail Matkovsky, Sales Director of MK Thermo-Kont

I have only positive impressions from the Astana Zdorovie exhibition. We are participating for the first time, and we have already realized that there is a big interesting market here that needs to be mastered. We are very glad to be here today. I'd say there are a lot of specialists who come here for profile questions, but there are also those who are hearing about our products for the first time. There have been no contracts yet, but agreements have definitely emerged. Despite the pandemic, we were more influenced by the desire to be present in the Kazakhstan market. We are in the business of making thermal containers, which is cold chain control, vaccine delivery for each of us. We help save lives.