KAZAKHSTAN-MED DEZ LLP at the AstanaZdorovie 2015 exhibition

Disinfection, packing materials for sterilization, containers for utilization of medical waste from KAZAKHSTAN-MED DEZ LLP at the AstanaZdorovie 2015 exhibition.

Founded in 2001, KAZAKHSTAN-MED DEZ LLP has been operating successfully for over 13 years on the market of services for disinfection, insect and rat control, along with sales of disinfection and sterilisation products and containers for utilisation of medical waste.

KAZAKHSAN MED DEZ is an official Kazakhstan distributor of packaging materials for sterilisation of BOM trademark, Poland.

We also have our own manufacturing line for containers for safe storage and utilization of medical waste, for instance, single use stabbing and cutting instruments. Our containers complies with all quality requirements of WHO, they have been approved by all healthcare facilities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and obtained a substantiating conclusion of Health Inspection Services and a compliance certificate of the Committee for Technical Regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

KAZAKHSTAN-MED DEZ LLP will be presented at the AstanaZdorovie 2015 exhibition at the A-47 stand.

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