Smartphone to help healthcare

What mobile applications in Kazakhstan are in the field of health care, said Deputy Health Minister Olzhas Abishev at the Central Communications Service.

24 10 2018ort 01

“The Ministry of Health has formed a single catalog of existing mobile applications in the field of health, which is posted on the website of the Republican e-health center of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan,” said Vice-Minister of Health of Kazakhstan Olzhas Abishev at the press service development of digital health, set by the Head of State in the Message to the People.

Currently, Kazakhstanis can use the following mobile applications:

1) DamuMed - Make an appointment with a doctor;
2) Dariger Pro (Dariger Pro);
3) HealthBook;
4) Software complex for automation of the control center "103 CONTROL";
5) FMS: People's control;
6) HCity;
7) My pregnancy;
8) Egov mobile application;
9) Oncoscreen application;
10) Advise the doctor. Kz By MedElement Co .;
11) Diseases: Doctor's Handbook By MedElement Co .; 12) SOS mobile first aid application;
13) CDL OLIMP CDL OLYMP Kazakhstan;
14) Komek 103;
15) - online pharmacy;
16) - search for drugs;
17) Dostarmed A .;
18) Nursing nurse;
19) Care for young children.

Recall from January 1, 2019, all clinics and hospitals will fully switch to paperless medical records.


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